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Mia McCoy, 46

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Currently Taking Computer Classes @ PF., 2011


PA, United States

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About me

I'm Afro/Cherokee/Creo/Irish/Israe li American. (United Nations) :-). I'm a Capricorn, a Judeo/Christian OPEN to DATING some (1) DIFFERENT NOT AN ATHEIST! My INTENTIONS on HERE are to MEET & GREET, DATE (Movie, Dinner-Out, Plays, Theatre, and ETC. NO-HQQK-UPS!!!! POSSIBLY MEETING MR. WE CAN MAKE IT WORK!!! Mr. Right (for me). Ps. Color, Ethnicity, Race, Religion, Nor SOCIAL BACKGROUND (income) isNOT THE DETERMINING FACTOR, for MY LIKE/LOVE Relationship, But RATHER THE CHEMISTRY/COMPANIONSHIP/COMITT MENT, of OUR MUTUAL RESPECT FOR EACH OTHER, PSs. AGE DOESN'T MATTER EITHER :-).


English, Spanish, Hebrew, Dutch


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