Want to know how Hot you are?

Of course you do. The concept of Hot or Not is simple, we show you who thinks you are Hot nearby. At home, in a coffee shop, at a gig, on the street, you can make new connections!

Who We Are

Hot or Not, the Original, was created over a decade ago, and now it's back! Created by a group of young innovative minds, reminiscing about the fun they used to have on Hot or Not, they got together to produce Hot or Not for 2014.

We all want to have answers to questions like "How cool am I?", "Would people say I'm popular?", "How can I get connected to new people in my area?". Hot or Not has the answer for all these questions... let us do the work for you.

Press Downloads

Hot or Not Icon (Set of different sizes, 234 Kb zip-file)
Hot or Not Logo (Set of different sizes, 109 Kb zip-file)
iOS Screenshots (Set of 4, English, 1681 Kb zip-file)
Android Screenshots (Set of 4, English, 1940 Kb zip-file)