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Photos and videos

Albums are where you can show your world to the world. This is where you can truly let your creativity loose on Hot or Not. We've given you the latest tools to first present and then share your daily life with people you know and everyone else. Check out this section to learn all about how to create your own albums.

  1. How can I add pictures to my profile?

    To add a photo to your profile simply go to your profile and click on 'Add photos'. You can choose if you want to upload photos from Facebook, Instagram, Google +, if you want to upload it from your computer or you can hold and drag it from your desktop. You can also go to your gallery in the top right corner on your profile and add photos in this section.

    Please note that the file format has to be either JPG or PNG and the file size limit is 128 MB.

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  2. How can I change my profile picture?
    Open your gallery via your profile, hover over the favourite picture of yourself and a picture icon will appear. Please click on the picture icon which indicates 'Set as default photo'.
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  3. How can I delete a picture?
    Please hover your mouse over the photo you would like to delete and click on the icon and select 'Delete photo' from the drop down menu. You can also open the picture in full size, click on the icon underneath the picture and select 'Delete photo'.
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  4. How can I rotate my pictures?
    Unfortunately you cannot rotate your photos at the moment therefore please rotate your photos before uploading them to your profile.
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  5. How can I control access to my photos?

    If you want to be able to choose who sees certain photos, please make these photos private.

    You can make a photo private by uploading it and before posting it simply hover over it and select the lock icon which indicates 'Make photo private'.

    If you have already posted a photo and you want to make it private, simply hover over the photo and click on the icon and select 'Make it private'.

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  6. How big can photos be and what types of files do you accept?
    We accept JPG, PNG, AVI and MPEG files and the file size limit is 128MB for photos and their dimension must be at least 200 x 200 pixels.
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  7. Can I remove the watermark from my photo?
    Unfortunately it is not possible to remove the watermark from your photo.
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  8. How can I send a photo via chat?
    If you would like to send a photo to another user, simply click the camera icon in the text box of your conversation. Select either a photo which you sent already in the past or go to 'Add photos' and choose a new picture.
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  9. Why has my photo been moderated?

    If your photo has been moderated it will most likely be due to one of the following reasons:

    1. You uploaded an erotic photo which can only be added to your "Private photos" folder.

    2. You have uploaded a photo showing people under the age of 18.

    3. Your face is not visible enough for our preview window and thumbnail images. This will be due to the photo being too small, the image quality not being high enough or your face being difficult to see due to too many filters.

    4.Your photo contains a watermark.

    5. Your photo contains text.

    6. You have uploaded a photo of famous people.

    You can read more about our guidelines here: Guidelines

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  10. What kinds of photos do you not allow?
    All of your photos and videos must comply with our Terms and Conditions and Guidelines or they might get removed. Erotic photos can be uploaded to your Private photos album, but we do not allow pornographic or other inappropriate content, incitement to violence or hate, or photos/videos of people under 18. You also shouldn’t post photos or videos that you don’t own, which break copyright. If you violate our Guidelines or Terms and Conditions, we may be forced to to delete your account.
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