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Hot or Not is free to join and the perfect place to chat, find new people, upload photos and videos, play Encounters and have fun. We offer premium features such as Rise Up and Get Featured to help you attract even more attention. You buy these using Hot or Not credits.

  1. What are Hot or Not credits?
    Hot or Not credits help you get attention, simple as that. With credits you can Rise Up in search results, use our 'Get featured' service, get more displays in Encounters and more. You can also enable Auto Top-up to make sure you never run out of credits.
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  2. How many credits can I buy?
    You can buy 100, 550, 1250 or 2750 credits at a time.
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  3. What is Auto Top-up?
    Auto Top-up makes buying credits much easier - it automatically tops up your Hot or Not credits every time your balance falls below 200 credits. You'll get to spend more time using Hot or Not and less time thinking about running out of credits!
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  4. How do I activate Auto Top-up?
    Go to your Payments settings or to Credits Central and click Top up now. Auto Top-up is available for all payment methods except SMS and PaySafeCard
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  5. How can I turn off Auto-Top up for credits?
    If you want turn off Auto-Top up for your credits, simply open your settings , go to your 'Payment Settings' section and turn the Auto-Top up off.
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  6. What does 'Get featured' mean?
    'Get featured' gets you seen instantly, as it promotes your photo so everyone in your area can see you. Go to 'Add me here' on the bottom left of the page, choose the photo you want to display, select a payment method and follow the instructions.
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  7. What are stickers?

    You can add funny stickers to your messages in your chat. Simply click on the smiley icon on the bottom of the conversation box in messages. You can choose between many sticker packs and as soon as you purchased a package you are able to send stickers to users anytime you want to.

    One sticker package costs 250 credits however for some stickers you will need to active Super Powers instead.

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  8. What is a gift and how can I send one?
    You can send a gift to someone to show that you like them. The gift appears on the user's Profile page, and we have a wide selection of cool gifts you can choose from.

    To send a gift go to the Profile page of the person you like and click 'Grab his/her attention with a gift!' Choose from the Gifts available and make someone’s day!
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  9. What is 'Credits from friends'?
    The feature 'Credits from friends' helps you get credits by inviting your friends to join Hot or Not. As soon as you have invited your friends, simply tap on the 'Collect' button next to your friend's name and collect your credits.
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  10. How can I appear more often in Encounters?
    The more your photo is shown in Encounters, the more you’ll get seen by people who want to meet you. Go to your Popularity page, click 'Add extra shows!', choose a payment method and follow the instructions.
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  11. How can I increase my daily contact limit?
    We understand that sometimes you might want to contact more Hot or Not users a day, so there are a couple of options that will let you extend your daily contact limit.

    To increase your limit by more contacts a day, permanently, you can get Verified Status on your Profile Page. If you want to increase your limit further, and chat to even more new people, you’ll need to buy Hot or Not credits. These will let you chat with additional people.
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  12. Why have I not received credits after taking part in an 'Earn your credits' offer?

    Sometimes, you'll be offered the chance to take part in questionnaires and downloads in exchange for Hot or Not credits. If you do not receive your credits for whatever reason, you'll need to contact the Fyber support team directly.

    To contact the Fyber support team, please click on the credits icon on the left side of your Hot or Not page, select 'Earn your credits' and select 'Support' in the bottom left corner of the pop-up window.

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  13. How can I buy credits on the Hot or Not Mobile website?
    Go to your profile page and select credits, then follow the instructions. You can use Hot or Not credits to use our 'Get featured' service, add more votes in Encounters or increase your daily contact limit.
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  14. I'm having trouble buying Hot or Not credits. What do I do?
    Please contact our Customer Care Team if you have any trouble buying credits. They'll be happy to help.
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